This market has been created by KERB. We were founded in 2012 from a community of ambitious and talented street food traders.

We are a business that powers other business and we do this with a spirit of independence, entrepreneurialism and collaboration

Our mission is to create opportunity and joy through great food, from the kerb up via our 4 pillars of:

brilliant food
a diverse ecosystem
incubation & acceleration
exceptional hospitality

Seven Dials Market is our first step indoors and provides a golden opportunity to keep driving this thing forward – to bring our culture and community together under one roof, to give independence a solid place to thrive in the heart of this city and to show off just how great London tastes in 2021!


KERB was founded by Petra Barran who began talent spotting and organising traders from her choc-mobile, Choc Star, in 2010. The idea for KERB was dreamt up in an ice cream van! While scooping and shaking all chocolate everything, Petra spotted an opportunity to do something with all the talent and flavour she saw in her fellow traders.

The idea was to cluster – to seek out the most exciting street food talent, bring them together on the streets of London and progress this dynamic but previously unorganised industry into something greater than the sum of its parts.

We have been at the helm of London street food since starting life at King’s Cross in 2012 and going on to open markets citywide. We have improved the quality of food served on the capital’s streets, disrupted the corporate catering world, given Londoners something tasty to sink their teeth into and built a powerful, multi-level platform full of opportunity for anyone with a love of food and a bit of fire in the belly.

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