Hash Hut is now serving up serious potato goodness at Seven Dials Market, bringing flavour to Cucumber Alley.

James and Phoebe – aka the Potato King and Queen – kicked off as a pop up in 2020 with the wild idea of turning triangular potatoes (or sticks or bites, you name it) into a full-blown business. Now, they’re rocking major events like Kew Gardens and epic festivals, and just landed a spot in Cucumber Alley.

How to Hash Hut?

You get to build your own dish so the possibilities are endless. Pick your preferred hashbrown shape, slather on some sauce, and deck it out with two toppings, such as crispy onions, parmesan, chilli flakes, nori flakes… the choices are yours!

If you’re a potato fan (and honestly, who isn’t?), you’re in for a treat. Get ready for a spud-tacular experience! 🥔