22 Jun - 22 Jun
7:30pm - 10:30pm
Banana Warehouse


We’re screening the Euros all month. Every match, every day.

Take a punt with a walk-in and we’ll seat you in Market Bookshop. Here, we’re turning up the volume for EVERY game and you’ll have your own separate screen for a clear view of all the action. We’re surrounded by great food – and you’re not going to miss a goal while you queue for a pint.


SOUND ON for all England games in the main warehouse space.
SOUND OFF for all non-England games.
SOUND ON for EVERY game in the Market Bookshop.

Pitch up in the pit for 20″ pizzas, crispy fried chicken or truffle burgers, trays of tacos and stuffed bao buns. Chase with ice-cold lager and market cocktails all game long.

Whether you’re sound on or off, big screen or quiet corner, it’s all happening and you’re all welcome. The atmosphere’s going to be ELECTRIC, and we can’t wait.


Food has to be ordered as part of our licence and this needs to be a substantial meal per person.

Please arrive 30 minutes before kick-off to guarantee your spot. If you arrive after kick-off, we will give your table away.

We close at 11pm Monday – Saturday and 6pm Sunday.

We can only take a maximum booking of 6 people and we cannot accept requests to seat multiple groups together.

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