London is a Forest by Paul Wood

Wed 23 Oct
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Market Bookshop

We are thrilled to welcome Paul Wood to Market Bookshop to talk about his new book, London is a Forest. He will explore the city's diverse geography and history and will look at the remarkable variety of particularly arboreal life supported in London's unique metropolitan ecosystem. From the edgelands to the beating heart of the clamorous 21st century megacity, a wealth of anecdotes, fascinating details, cultural and social history awaits.

“It’s a cliche to say that a book will make you see the city in a new light, but this one really does.” The Londonist

£4 tickets are available and are redeemable against the purchase of London is a Forest by Paul Wood.
Includes a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink.

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