Play it sober with Square Root soda

Wed 16 Oct
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Square Root Temperance Bar

Play it Sober!

Join us on October 16th for some #SoberOctober fun! Square Root are hosting a board games night at the Square Root Temperance Bar on the ground floor of Seven Dials Market. Expect a fun selection of Big Potato Games for you to choose from, plenty of soda to quench your sober thirst and great vibes.

Their expert Soda Jerks will be on hand to mix you up the perfect non-alcoholic drink and teach you how to play fun games like Obama Llama 2 and 20 Second Show Down.

Tickets are £6 and include a drink on arrival, snacks, access to all the games and a lesson on how to play them and a £1 donation to Macmillan Cancer Support - the official partner of #SoberOctober.

Feel like eating more than just snacks? There are 12 other traders in Seven Dials Market to stuff your faces with making everything from Vegan Tacos to Tokyo Modern Ramen. Get in!

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