Sprinkling a dash of sweetness, Little Pudding has landed right in the heart of Cucumber Alley.

Lucie is the dessert maestro behind Little Pudding, who turned her love for all things sweet into a bustling business.

It all began with homemade treats whipped up for her coworkers, until 2020 when Lucy officially launched her doughnut haven, winning hearts at cafes and markets. Once we caught a whiff of those freshly baked doughnuts, we brought Lucie on with KERB Events earlier this year, and have now offered her a spot in Seven Dials Market.

Little Pudding’s menu is a fusion of her favourite British puddings with an extra pinch of American flair. Think daily changing doughnuts, mouthwatering brownies, heavenly cookies, cinnamon buns, and more.

📍Ready for a daily doughnut fix? Follow the sweet scent to Cucumber Alley, nestled between Hot Rocket & Soft Serve Society.